The Dawn of Redemption

In the final installment of Dedra L. Stevenson’s Middle Eastern supernatural folk tale, The Hakima’s Tale, the reader is taken around the world as Phoenix Kassim, now a powerful woman and a capable leader fights for the survival of humanity. The Jinn, magical creatures of Arab folklore, grow in strength and launch their attack on the human world.

In peril, the humans do not know how to defend themselves against an enemy that they cannot see. Phoenix’s army of human-friendly jinn and humans, work tirelessly to protect as many as they can and control the horrific damage that ensues, however, their strategy proves to be ineffective as it seems that they are only putting out fires. The Marid Army seems unstoppable as they launch endless supernatural attacks against the people from every corner of the planet.

Studying the jinn tales of the ancient world, Phoenix adopts a more offensive strategy, but will it be enough? In this fantasy fiction adventure trilogy, readers will cheer for the young hero as she strives to discover the secrets of ending the terror and binding humanity as one.

Sanjar Attacks!

Sanjar, a traitor to the Arwaah jinn cause, attempt to attack the Hakima, but finds himself a victim instead.

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