The Revenge of the Blue Jinni

In Dedra L. Stevenson’s debut fantasy fiction for teens, Phoenix Kassim, a future leader of mankind, is born. All her life, she’s surrounded by magical creatures called Jinn, beings from another dimension, straight out of Middle Eastern folklore.

Her destiny has been set long before her birth, back in the court of a great Middle Eastern king, one who enslaved and trapped the mightiest of the Jinn in a golden lantern and imprisoned him in a watery grave at the bottom of the sea. As Phoenix’s family soon come to realize, Jinn are not simply imaginary beings of mystical fantasy, but very real, and divided in their loyalties.

The benevolent jinn assist her and her family along the journey, staying one step ahead of the army of the Blue Jinni in spite of the fact that they grow stronger each day and never stop plotting for the demise of the young hero. Phoenix’s companions soon win her trust and the trust of her family and become faithful companions that vow to stand by her for the inevitable war to come.

The story takes us on an amazing journey as the young hero grows into her power, an ancient power that’s bestowed on her by a king that lived centuries ago. Facing many adjustments, her parents decide to embrace the role of their daughter and help her in every way.

The Siren Queen

Phoenix was taken to meet the Siren Queen, to try to coax her into joining the cause of the Hakima. Her beauty was extraordinary, but Phoenix knew that something wasn't right about the Queen of Jinnayeh.

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