The Skinwalker: Resurrection

In Dedra L. Stevenson’s first horror thriller, a young woman unleashes a terror in the form of a dark entity upon her life.

Unlike Stevenson’s work in Fantasy Fiction and Courtroom Drama, The Skinwalker: Resurrection promises psychological thrills like no other—a dark spirit, a possession, a hidden identity, a love story, the mighty tribe of the Navajo, and a finale that will surprise you.

Shortly after the discovery of a mysterious book of witchcraft spells in her home, Carmella unknowingly invites something sinister into her world, a long deceased Navajo skinwalker, and this skinwalker wants to walk the Earth in human flesh again. The witch’s faithful servant follows each step that Carmella takes as he serves his Mistress.

Slowly but surely, she falls prey to the darkness, and only the tribe is left to help her. With the support of her friends and the man that she loves, she is taken to the reservation and a traditional ceremony ensues. Carmella becomes the mortal captive of Haseeya, the Skinwalker witch, and the tribe must ask for the help of an ancient force from the stars.

The Skin Book

Carmella discovers a book of spells that's been bound with human skin, and in an innocent attempt to understand the book, she unleashes something dark, something that wanted to hurt her.

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